Rabbit Hill's Nutmeg (tort, Holland Lop)
Napa Valley Show
Judge Brooke Baldwin
Holland Lop: the Holland Lop is the smallest of the lop eared rabbit breeds. (The Mini Lop is actually twice the size!) Holland Lops are usually 2.5-3.5 pounds in weight. But their body is thick set and they have a muscular appearance. They have an inquisitive nature and love attention. They have a lot of energy and spunk. Their fur is dense, soft, and roughly 1 inch in length. Holland Lops are available in many different colors The Rabbit Hill specializes in the following Holland Lop colors: Broken, Opal, Chestnut Agouti, all 4 varieties of Otter-Blue, Black, Lilac & Chocolate, Fawn, all chocolate/chocolate dilute varieties including true Lynx, Orange, Blue, Black, Sable Point., and sometimes even Tortoise.

Rabbit Hill's Cranberry
(Broken Castor, Mini Rex)
Mini Rex: the Mini Rex is slightly larger than the Holland Lop but has a sleeker body shape with upright ears between 2 and 3 inches in length. The most noticeable aspect of the Mini Rex is its dense fur. The fur is 3/8 of an inch in length and when you touch it it's like rubbing a piece of plush velvet. This rabbit is ideal for allergy sufferers. Mini Rex are active rabbits that also love to be petted and caressed. In fact, the more you pet your Mini Rex, the thicker the coat will grow. (When you pet the rabbit it grooms itself more because of the smell of your hands on it's coat!) Mini Rex are available in a wide variety of col
The Rabbit Hill specializes in the following Mini Rex colors: Otter-all four colors-blue, black, chocolate & lilac, Tortoise Shell, Red, Broken, Castor, and Black.

PB's Fred
English Lop: a docile and loving large rabbit breed which can grow up to 10 pounds. Their wonderful personality makes them a joy to own. Extra care is needed for the ears, but the short fur makes grooming minimal. This is a NEW breed for the Rabbit Hill. Available in solid and broken fawn, tort, blue tort and lynx.

Rabbit Hill's Leopold
(Siamese Sable, Netherland Dwarf)
Netherland Dwarf: the smallest rabbit in the world at just 2 pounds. Tiny, upright ears and a 1 inch coat, available in many colors. The Netherland Dwarf has lots of energy, but if you are patient, it is a delight to own one. The Rabbit Hill specializes in the following colors of Netherland Dwarf; Seal, Siamese Sable, Sable Point, Blue Marten, Himi Marten, and Otter.

Kim (Chocolate Jersey Wooly)
Jersey Wooly: This small, long-haired dwarf rabbit breed is well tempered and loving. Weighing 3-3.5 pounds, with fine hair up to 5 inches in length, this breed requires bi-weekly grooming at a minimum. Available in the following colors: chocolate , blue, black, sable point, tort and smoke pearl.

Poindexter (Abyssinian)
Guinea Pigs: These small rodents are great pets. They are 7-10" long when full grown and weigh about 1-1.25 pounds. They eat guinea pig pellets, fruits and vegetables, and drink water. They do not manufacture their own vitamin C, and therefore require supplements. They sometimes make a high-pitched whistling noise when they are excited. Short haired breeds are: Abyssinian, Peruvian & Teddys. Long haired breeds are: Peruvian, Texel and Silkie. See our guinea pig page for care and photos. They are available in a wide variety of colors.

Please note: Official Breed Descriptions can be found in the ARBA Standard of Perfection on the ARBA website on our Links page.

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